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Meet and Greet (Political Visitor policy)

If you are visiting us on one of our paid/seated events to "Meet and Greet" with our members, please be guided by the following:


The Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada is a nonpartisan organization that promotes diverse perspectives and discussions on healthcare and social issues.


We welcome elected officials and high-profile visitors of all political parties and perspectives to come and meet our members.  However, when the event is a paid/ticketed and reserved event, we encourage our visitors to RSVP/Register and pay the admission price during the RSVP period to ensure seats/accommodation as a "dinner guest". Being a dinner guest, however, will not include any airtime or on-stage address as the program will usually be tightly timed. The guest can network with guests/participants in the venue at appropriate times (before the event, during breaks, dinner and after the event).

To RSVP for an upcoming event, click here:  to see if we are still accepting RSVPs at this time.


If arranged at least 30 days prior to the event, the guest can sponsor the event (sponsorship packages are available here) [if link is no longer clickable, that means the sponsorship period has ended for an upcoming event]. Certain sponsorship packages include a 3-minute airtime/on-stage address. 

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