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Tanglaw, Tagalog for “light to guide one’s path”, captures the essence of this yearly recognition given to nurses who have created an impact in the profession and the community.


The 2023 awardees are:


Academic Impact Award: Dr. Zarah Borines


Clinical Practice Impact Award: Danielle Porras and Lloyd Gamboa


Leadership & Administration Impact Award: Amelia Abello


Lifetime Achievement Award:  Dr. Rhigel Jaei Alforque-Tan and Belen Gabato


Nightingale Legacy Award:  Luz Micabalo


Nurse with Global Impact Award:  Dr. Elizabeth Fildes


Pearl of the Orient Award:  Roseminda Montero and Dr. Noel Fajardo


Scholarship and Research Impact Award: Dr. Reimund Serafica


Service Impact Award: Elizabeth De Leon - Gamboa


Tanglaw, Tagalog for “light to guide one’s path”, captures the essence of this yearly recognition given to nurses who have created an impact on various categories, as follows:

1. CLINICAL PRACTICE IMPACT:  The recipient has made a significant contribution/innovation in nursing practice and another non-clinical specialty impacts patient care delivery, etc. Examples: direct patient care (RN, LPN, CNA) and indirect patient care nurses (CM, UR, Discharge planners, Clinical education etc.)

2. ACADEMIC IMPACT: The recipient is currently involved in nursing education across academic preparation from CNA Programs to Doctorate Programs (clinical instructors or professors, clinical educators)

3. SCHOLARSHIP AND RESEARCH IMPACT: The recipient has published studies that were impactful toward the creation of knowledge and programs through research and evidence-based utilization.

4. LEADERSHIP AND ADMINISTRATION IMPACT: The recipient has notable accomplishments as a leader of healthcare systems and organizational policy changes with legislative initiatives

5. SERVICE IMPACT (actively working nurses): The recipient is actively engaged in community outreach promoting health and wellness in the community setting.

6. NIGHTINGALE LEGACY IMPACT: The recipient is a former nurse (retired) who served the community and delivered care reflecting the ideals of nursing practice.

7. NURSE WITH GLOBAL IMPACT: The recipient has documented involvement in the creation and participation in projects or programs that contribute to global health care.

8. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: The recipient has pioneered trailblazing projects or programs that changed or improved the nursing profession.

9.  PEARL OF THE ORIENT AWARD:  The recipient is a stellar organization or individual that consistently supported the mission and vision of the Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada.


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