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"Get it right from the start: Maternal, Child health and Beyond"

Ensuring a solid foundation for a healthy family is paramount in life. From the very beginning, both maternal and child health play crucial roles in shaping a lifetime of well-being. Recognizing this, The Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada is proud to announce a seminar on March 2nd, dedicated to the topic of Maternal, Child Health, and beyond. This educational event aims to provide invaluable information and insights, empowering individuals to establish a healthy lifestyle right from the start.

We cordially invite you to join us at the prestigious Chairman's Auditorium, located at Optum, 2716 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89128. Attendees are expected to gain access to a wealth of knowledge from esteemed experts in the field of maternal and child health. Speakers will present various aspects of this crucial topic, shedding light on the latest research, best practices, and innovative approaches to ensure optimal well-being for both mothers and children.

Furthermore, this event serves as an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, including healthcare professionals, educators, and community members who share a common goal of promoting healthy living.

Mark your calendars for March 2nd and secure your spot at this highly anticipated seminar. Registration details and further information can be found on our website, Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to gain powerful insights and equip yourself with the tools necessary to establish a healthy life right from the start.

6 CEUs will be offered to attendees.

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