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PNANV Graduation Cords Program

PNANV's Graduation Cords are given to PNANV student members who are graduating with

Associates Degree (ADN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) , Post-graduate Degrees (Masters or Doctorate).


Maintain C or Better (weighted grade average, copy of transcript)

Required to attend the general assembly meeting (in person, WEBEX, or via

Zoom—attendance log)

Must have at least two (2) volunteering/outreach events of one (1) hour each within the last

two years (letter or certificate)

Required to be an active member in one of PNANV Committees, with a 50% attendance of

meetings in a year. (attendance log)

For application, please fill out the link and upload the requirements.

For further inquiries, send an email to to the

Membership Committee co- chairs:

Lloyd John D. Gamboa, RN

Claudette Lachowicz, DNP, RN

Mark Blen Velonza, BSN, RN

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